The Trifeca of Irony

So I finally saw The Social Network. First of all, it blew my mind, from a movie-making standpoint. I was entertained from start to finish. Now, to the meat and potatoes of my evening at the cinema.

First of all, at one point, I found myself looking at my Facebook notifications on my Blackberry. This is Irony #1. I’m sitting alone in the theater, completely enthralled with what I am watching, yet I still found myself checking my FB, as if anything was more important than this cinematic experience (which it wasn’t).

Image found on Mobile Marketing Watch

Secondly, the mere fact that this movie came out when it did is ironic. I started my grad program just last month, and nearly every class session, and my (online) New Media Driver’s License class, mention Facebook in each lecture. Facebook, and other forms of social media, have grown into a necessarily in today’s business world, as well as my Master’s classes.

Lastly, as I was driving home and debating with myself, trying to decide which one was seemingly more ironic that the last, I updated my Facebook status to ask my friends what their opinions were. And herein lies Irony #3 – I used my status to ask that comparative question, displaying the overall importance of Facebook, yet again. And boom. Trifeca of Irony.

I remember when I first signed up for Facebook in 2006. I was a junior in my undergrad program. One of my friends at, what I’d guess a more important university from the frame of mind of the FB staff, already had an account and was urging me to do the same. I was hesitant. ‘What’s the point in adding my email address to yet another website that will continuously send me spam?’ I thought. After she nagged for a while longer, I finally did it. I then went on a one month study abroad trip, in which none of my fellow travelers had a Facebook. Thinking back, it would have been much more convenient if they did. Probably a lot easier to keep in touch with them. Now I still get a spatter of requests from them every once in a while.

I returned from my trip, and started my senior year. Made some new friends, who I found on Facebook. Back in these days, it was a much more simple website. It was still limited to college students. And we were using it for it’s primary purpose – constant communication with other college students.

But now things have changed. I no longer try to look up a random I met at the bar to see if he’s single. Now I’m searching for businesses, celebrities, non-profits, musicians, you name it. Facebook has it.

And I’m back to where I began, mind swirling of how much has changed for myself and Facebook in the last 4 years. I was so reluctant when I first signed up, and now I’m sitting in a theater watching a movie based on it’s humble beginnings, learning about it daily in my Master’s program, and asking my friends questions about it through my own status. I wonder… What do you call a irony to the fourth power?


~ by julieesmer on October 23, 2010.

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