One easy platform to organize social media: Storify

As a huge Apple fan, I have been keeping an eye on the rumors regarding the Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) in anticipation of new hardware releases. When I saw the flood of tweets and articles released about the new software, I was intrigued that any information would be released in advance. Upon further investigation, I discovered that Apple did indeed send out a press release early that outlined what Steve Jobs will be discussing on June 6. From there, I decided to gather as much reliable intelligence as possible into this week’s Storify post.

Because Apple is such a large and well-respected company (as well as the name of a piece of fruit), initially searching in Storify doesn’t always provide the most informative responses. Because I knew that one of the new software released will be the iCloud streaming music service, I altered my search to “iCloud Apple” and was much more successful in my search. From there, finding credible sources was the issue. Other Apple nerds, such as myself, had been tweeting endlessly. The ability to search for a user/list helped when finding reputable and specific sources, such as Wall Street Journal. Searching in Flickr and YouTube was a little more difficult, as the hardware releases are brand new.

One of the nicer aspects of Storify is how easy you can see what people are saying. I can definitely see PR professionals using this platform to help mold together all-compassing stories on what news sources are saying about their company or products and services. For journalists, Storify can be an extremely valuable method to gather information without spending too much time searching all the outlets separately. In short, Storify allows users to easily weed through the overabundance of information on the web, resulting in valuable, methodical, and meaningful posts.


~ by julieesmer on June 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “One easy platform to organize social media: Storify”

  1. I love Storify as well because you can see so many different peoples perspectives and read comments from all over with just the click of the search button. It’s so convenient. And I am also a huge Apple fan owning a MacBook, iPhone, and iPod Touch! They are foolproof I swear on it.

  2. I love reading about Apple, but so do millions of other people, so I especially enjoyed your Storify report because it helped filter the thousands of tweets and other multimedia out there about the latest Apple news. I like your points about how PR practitioners and journalists can use this tool, too. I’m actually thinking about coming up with a way to use Storify at my job to tell stories in a new, unique way!

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