Cover It Live: The Casey Anthony Trial

Almost exactly three years ago, a little girl named Caylee Anthony was last seen alive. Her mother, Casey, did not tell anyone until mid-July 2008 that Caylee had been kidnapped, and shortly after her story fell apart, Florida prosecutors arrested and charged her with murder. On May 24, 2011, the trial of Casey Anthony began.

America has been entranced by this story, which has starts and ends with an innocent little girl, whose sole parent is now charged with her murder. Using the Cover It Live software, I watched the beginning of the defense’s argument, which included testimony by DNA expert witness Heather Seubert, a Michigan State University graduate.

Two Twitter streams were included in the Cover It Live event, @OSCaseyAnthony and @CFNews13Casey, as well as two hashtags, #CaseyAnthony and #JusticeforCaylee. I did not really care for the Cover It Live software. I would prefer using Twitter and interacting with the people who were tweeting with the hashtags. I do not think anyone was watching my Cover It Live event, because I had no interaction. With Twitter, I could at least communicate with the others tweeting with the #CaseyAnthony hashtag.

I also found that it was not as easy to add videos and Flickr images as I would have liked. I had found photos and videos in advance and added the links in the software, but when I clicked them, it only showed the link, not the actual photo or video. I had to delete those and then go back to find the actual links.

I would probably not use the Cover It Live software in the future because of this experience. You can re-watch my event through my Posterous blog.


~ by julieesmer on June 19, 2011.

2 Responses to “Cover It Live: The Casey Anthony Trial”

  1. Thanks for your post – I agree with your sentiments on Cover It Live – in fact although you have certainly linked it properly at your posterous site, judging by the appearance of the icon on the page – it never loaded properly on my mac! I think it just needs more time to mature out of its beta version & then could be more useful :-).

  2. I have been following the Casey Anthony trial as well, and it was interesting reading you coverage and the incorporated tweets. I agree that incorporating videos and images is more difficult than necessary and should be revamped. I don’t think I will give up on Cover It Live all together though.

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