Leveraging Flixlab for the Media

Organization or Business Name: N/A

Annual Operating Budget: $0

Project Title: Leveraging Flixlab by the Media

Requested amount from Knight News Challenge: $0

Expected amount of time to complete project: Can begin immediately

Total cost of project including all sources of funding: $0

Describe your project
A new iPhone app called Flixlab was recently released that allows iPhone users to share videos and photos with other users of the app. It also allows you to create videos from the combination of the photos and videos immediately on your iPhone. This (free!) app is simple to use, and leverages a lot of raw video content that might not seem useful otherwise.

Image from Flixlab.com

How will your project improve the way news and information are delivered
The main purpose of Flixlab is to put video together simply and quickly. For journalists, this could be very advantageous when they are in the field covering a story. A big problem currently for journalists is that often they are not the first to cover breaking stories and events.

With Flixlab, they will be able to shoot the video and immediately edit and publish it on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or sent via email. Using a cloud-based social video platform, you simply choose the clips you want, a theme, and background music, and Flixlab assembles the video and streams it back to your phone. Once completed, you download it. The simplicity of this app would allow journalists to effectively cover the news, and then publish it via social media in real time.

This app also allows you to share your content with other users who have the app. This could change journalism in the way that we gather content. It becomes as simple as – point, shoot, share.

How is your idea innovative?
Right now, one of the biggest disadvantages to journalists is that they are not always the first to break a story. Sometimes a Facebook status, YouTube video or a simple tweet relays an event that is going on as it happens. Often, journalists cover the story after the fact, and miss the opportunity to take part in the live event.

With Flixlab, the ability to create high quality digital-ready content is a reality. As for news organizations, posting raw video without any context would be unprofessional. This app allows you to create professional video segments in a very simple manner. All the journalist will need is an iPhone (the Android app will soon be released).

What experience do you or your organization have to successfully develop this project?
The main advantage to this app is that it is FREE and has already been released. The six-man team of Flixlab has worked at Adobe, Microsoft and Sony, to name a few. More information can be found on their website (http://www.flixlab.com/about/).


~ by julieesmer on June 26, 2011.

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