PR Blogger Elena Verlee

Named one of the top 20 Women Entrepreuners to Follow on Twitter Elena Verlee’s blog, PR in My Pajamas has grown by immensely in just the past year. For small businesses and entrepreneurs, this blog identifies the easiest methods for do-it-yourself public relations. For first time readers, she has a “start here” landing page. Her posts are organized and easy to read. They are not overwhelming and tedious. She has a sense of humor and can be related to. These are some of the few reasons why PR in My Pajamas is a blog that I regularly read, follow on Twitter, and a fan of on Facebook.

Elena’s blog is important for not only seasoned public relations professionals, but also people who are new to PR. Primarily this blog reaches out to those who own their own business, but regardless of that fact, her tips can be leveraged for anyone. Her thoughtful manner and insightful posts provide entertainment, as well as solid advice. Her post on April 12, 2011 identifies the 8 R’s of Twitter, which I have been able to use personally on my own account. “For goodness sake’s. Just use your common sense (don’t drink and tweet!)”

Often her Friday posts are suggestions on prominent Tweeters to follow. As a future PR professional, I love these suggestions. I have followed all of her suggestions since I started reading her blog, and actually went through her followers and followed many of them as well. Their posts (as well as hers) are valuable to me to read and stay abreast of the latest and greatest in the world of PR.

Elena’s tips are easy to implement. Many are list-inspired. Like the above mentioned post, she also introduced the 10 elements of a social media policy in her June 15 post. She not only explains the importance of a social media policy for businesses, but also gives clear advice on media relations as a whole. As many businesses are in the midst of learning social media (or just starting it), she has managed to instruct and simultaneously explains all the moving parts in what makes social media important for companies.

Although her posts are not always a weekly occurrence, her Facebook and Twitter are actively updated. Though the posts are sometimes just quotes, they are publishes via HootSuite so that she can reach her audience with the same messaging all the time. Her Facebook status update from June 25 read, “Don’t randomly pursue exposure for exposure’s sake. Be clear on your goals and that the opportunity you are pursuing will help you communicate your key messages.” That summary in itself identifies her own personal goals for her blog. Simply stated, this post SHOULD be a favorite for any business who wants to communicate to their audience through social media. Which is what makes Elena not just an expert in the field, but a successful entrepreneur herself.

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You should also fan her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter @elenaverlee.


~ by julieesmer on June 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “PR Blogger Elena Verlee”

  1. Julie – I am so honored and flattered with this post. Thank you for your kind words and I look forward to getting to know you!


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