So…. what’s your status about?

Since I have started my Master’s program in Public Relations, I have become enthralled with social media. This curiosity is both professional and personal. How can I use social media more effectively within my current job? How can I promote my clients to use more social media outlets? And how easily is it to share video that was originally created internally, to an external audience? This is where my questions began (and are still continuing.)

However, in the past few weeks I have seen a lot of publicity that has reflected negatively on certain social media outlets. Blogs attacking young kids, private videos shared to a public audience, and what’s now a number one movie about how the social network entrepreneur of Facebook started his site by creating enemies.

So I started thinking about how everything has a good and a bad, and how a lot of people may not even realize that although these tools are available for us to use, they can be abused. And so, this blog was born. I’d like to say that most of my posts will reference how effectively social media is used, and introduce different dynamic uses for it. But I won’t count out the fact that the reason this interest began was due to negative attention.

I am hoping my blog provides an interesting view on current events and how they relate to new media. Either way, I think being able to express my opinion in this format is a lot more free than just updating my Facebook status.


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